3 Important Steps When Looking For New Tires

Posted on: 11 May 2018

If your vehicle's tires are old and worn down, you may have trouble effectively gripping the road. Unless you want to be more susceptible to losing control and getting into an accident, you need to find suitable replacements. This can be a smooth process if you take these steps: 

Consult with Your Owner's Manual 

If you've never had to replace your tires before, you probably have no clue what you need. That's where your owner's manual comes in handy; in this booklet -- which should have come included with your vehicle -- you'll find all kinds of helpful information.

Most notably, you'll be able to find the recommended tire size. Knowing this figure ensures your tires fit perfectly for optimal performance. Some manuals will also recommend a tire type. If you can't find this manual in your vehicle, you can always find one online with relative ease.

Choose a Tire Type 

Tires have evolved so much over the past few decades, giving you access to many great options. These include all-season tires, ultra-performance tires, all-terrain tires, winter tires, and performance tires.

Which tire you need depends entirely on the type of driving you plan on doing. For example, if your vehicle is tailored to going fast, performance tires will suffice. They offer superior traction that's necessary for reaching high speeds relatively quickly. 

Conversely, if you plan on driving through some rugged terrains, you'll need all-terrain tires. They help you grip a wide variety of surfaces for improved control and enhanced safety. All-season tires are one of the best general-purpose tires you can choose to deliver a smooth ride.

Replace All Tires at Once

If more than one tire needs to be replaced, you should strongly consider replacing all of your tires at once; this is because replacing just two tires can cause a myriad of issues. For instance, you may be more prone to fishtailing and losing control of your vehicle. Having just two tires with good traction could also cause abnormal wear and tear, thereby making your new set not last as long. 

If you're worried about paying a lot of money for four new tires, you have some options. There are some tire dealers that will give you discounts for buying all four tires at the same time. There are also some tire dealers that provide a warranty when you buy a complete set; then if something happens with them in the future, you can fix/replace them for a fraction of the normal cost. 

Selecting new tires for your vehicle doesn't have to be challenging; you just need to become an informed buyer and know what you want out of your new set.