3 Types Of Name Brand Tires For Better Handling And Different Weather Conditions

Posted on: 24 January 2018

The tires on your car are an important component that effect performance and handling. It is important that you do maintenance to tires to ensure safety, but you may also want to consider using different types of tires for changes in weather. In winter weather, you may use a tire with softer rubber and specially designed treads, while in summer you will want a harder rubber. Here are some types of name brand tires that you can use for different driving conditions:

1. Winter Tires for Ice and Snow Conditions in Colder Climates

If you live in an area with a colder climate and frequent winter weather, you will want to make sure you have the right tires. During the fall months, have winter tires installed on your car to give you more grip on icy roads. Winter weather often produces the most hazardous driving conditions, and being prepared with the right name brand tires will ensure you are ready for the worst storms. These tires will give you optimum grip on ice and help prevent loss of control of your vehicle, which is the cause of so many winter auto accidents.

2. All Weather Tires for Mild Climates and Spring Weather Conditions

For more spring-like weather and mild climates, and all-weather tire may be a better choice. All weather tires give you the best of both winter and summer tires. These tires have a tread design that helps divert water to prevent hydroplaning and improved handling in winter weather conditions. They have slightly harder rubber than winter tires and deep treads, to give you the best possible handling performance for any type of weather condition with just one type of name brand tire. These are ideal tires if you want one type of name brand tire for your car that you can use all year.

3. Summer Tires for Warmer Weather and High-Performance Cars

During warmer weather, you want a tire that will give you the best performance and handling. Summer tires have a harder rubber and more durable tread, which will give them longer life. These tires are the type of name brand tires that you want to have installed on high-performance cars when cornering performance, braking and agility are important.

Using the right tires for the weather outside will help maximize the performance and handling of your car. When you have your tires changed, make sure to contact a name brand tire vendor, like All American Discount Tires, to get the best set for your car.