Get Strategical On The Road To Maximize Lifespan When Replacing Your Tires

Posted on: 10 January 2018

As a vehicle owner, you may notice that your tires have worn down quickly. A tire can wear down faster than normal for many reasons, but the great thing is that some of them are preventable. Driving while thinking about safety and getting to your destination is common. But, you should consider adding strategy to driving with the intention to maximize the lifespan of your tires.

This way, when you head to a tire shop to have your worn-down tires replaced, you will feel confident about getting back on the road knowing that your tires will last a long time.

Air Pressure

Maintaining proper air pressure is something that you will want to do as a vehicle owner. When your tires are underinflated or overinflated, they will sustain extra wear and tear. If you get an oil change every three months, you may be used to having the air pressure checked then. But, you should also make sure you are checking it at home to avoid improper air pressure.

Buying a digital tire pressure gauge will give you quick and easy results. You should also make use of gas stations because you can use their air pressure machines to fill up your tires. These machines have pressure meters on them so that you know how much pressure you are adding.


When you are driving on the road, you may not pay much attention to potholes. But, you should change how you drive to always keep an eye in front of you in case there is a pothole. Going over one with the front or back tire can cause wear and tear problems as well as alignment issues.

On rainy days, you should also keep an eye out for huge puddles. These puddles could be hiding an enormous pothole that you may not be able to see. This means that driving slowly in the rain will allow you to maneuver out of the way whenever you come across a large puddle.


Accelerating quickly leads to burning rubber, but you can also cause extra wear and tear on your tires when you turn at a rapid rate. Making steady motions on the road will promote even wear, but you should not hesitate to turn fast if you need to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

Following a few simple rules on the road will allow you to enjoy your new tires for a long time.