Why You Are Better Off With More Expensive Tires

Posted on: 20 December 2017

The most expensive set of tires cost $600,000. But you can also find tires that are about as expensive as your monthly Internet bill. However, even though you can purchase tires that cost almost nothing, you may want to reconsider this decision.

Cheap Is Better Than Nothing

If you can only afford cheap tires, that is better than driving on old or damaged tires. However, you may find that you will have trouble with your tires in a year. The new tires will not last as long and will also cause your vehicle to vibrate more.

Better Durability 

When you have more expensive tires, the tread will be harder, and this will cause it to last longer. More expensive tires are reinforced and have stronger sidewalls. Not only are more durable tires more convenient, but you are less likely to be stranded by the side of the road as a result of a blown tire.

Greater Handling

The least expensive tires are the worst at handling. When you are driving on an icy road, you will want wheels that will have the grip that can keep you safe. Your car will need to be easy to control at high speeds. Also, more expensive tires make your turns easier. 

Shorter Braking Distance

All tires have estimated braking distances. More expensive tires have shorter braking distances, which is helpful when you must brake unexpectedly. You will also want tires that do not have as much drag because tires with more drag will force your car to work harder. They will place more wear on your vehicle, which will lead to more repairs. Also, they will require that your engine uses more fuel, increasing fuel costs.

Less Noise And Better Comfort

If you notice that your tires are loud, this could be because they are made out of cheap materials. Cheaper tires vibrate more, leading to a less comfortable ride, and are also louder.

If you often find yourself with flat tires, you may live in an area that will simply cause your tires to be punctured often. For instance, if you live near a construction site, loose nails and bolts can find their way on the road and may end up in one of your tires. For this reason, you may need tires that are more puncture-resistant. Tires that are better made are also easier to repair without needing a replacement.

Contact your local tire stores for more information and assistance.