The Top Three Tire Mistakes: Are You Making One Of Them?

Posted on: 12 December 2017

With any tires, whether it's pirelli race tires or tires for the biggest SUV on the market, replacement is inevitable sooner or later. Many people choose new tires based on the "whatever's cheapest" motto, but that just doesn't  always work well if you're looking for safety and longevity. In addition to the "cheapest first" motto, another common mistake that people make when choosing tires is simply replacing whatever is currently on their vehicle. However, those current tires may be a poor choice -- one that could damage your car in the long term. Some of the most common tire size mistakes include all of the following. Are you making one of them?

Too Small : Are Your Tires Small and Sad?

Over-small tires are often placed on cars because smaller tires are usually less expensive. Tire dealers often offer dirt-cheap deals on sets of four small tires -- and there's no doubt that those prices can be tempting. However, if your current tires are smaller than what your vehicle's manufacturer recommends, it can cause issues including suspension damage, quicker wear of the tires, and a very bumpy ride.

Too Large: Are Your Tires Big and Bad?

Over-large tires are often chosen for their appearance, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're a smart idea. Although that "monster truck" appearance works great when you've actually got a large truck, it's not necessarily a good idea for a smaller lightweight truck or for a vehicle that's naturally lower to the ground. When tires are larger that what your vehicle's manufacturer recommends, you may end up with higher chance of rollover in an accident, suspension damage, and a rough ride

Too Wide: Are Your Tires Wide and Weak?

Over-wide tires are often chosen by people who want a smooth and low-to-the-ground ride -- in particular, sports car drivers. However, extra-wide tires are sometimes placed on all types of vehicles -- even sedans and vans -- because they can help create a great driving experience. A leading example, the toyo proxes rr888r race tire, is specially made for racing and for high-performance driving. It's ideal for the right vehicle, but can cause suspension and instability if used on a vehicle like a sedan or van. 

Ready For New Tires, But Not Sure About What's Right?

While your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations should be followed closely when it comes to tires, there may always be a bit of room for change if you want it. However, those decisions shouldn't be made without the help of a tire expert. Contact a local tire shop, like Frisby Performance Tire, for guidance today!